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about RASD

Richard Abi Saab Design is a New York based high-concept design firm for interior architecture, design and branding. Under Richard’s leadership, the company has worked extensively for over 15 years in the international market, delivering unique designs and solutions for worldwide brands and celebrities.


RASD is an innovative and creatively driven studio. At RASD we are narrators and experience creators in a sense that our exploration does not start nor does it end at the completion of a space, room or an object, but fairly when an individual live and intermingles with the space and the experience enters their lives.

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Richard Abi Saab is the owner and principal of RASD, an acclaimed creative design studio. Richard is an award-winning international designer. He began his career designing medium to highly conceptual interiors & graphics in Lebanon, Ukraine and The Middle East before moving to New York to develop a refined hospitality, residential and retail concepts for high-end brands and worldwide celebrities. Working internationally, he designed and supervised implementation for projects in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Abaco-Bahamas, Paris, Beirut, Dubai, Doha, Kiev and Berlin.


Richard’s education is reflective of his diverse background. He has earned a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design with honors from the New York School of Interior Design in 2011 and has a Bachelor in Interior Architecture from Notre Dame University, Lebanon.


Richard was born in Byblos-Lebanon, where he grew up as the youngest into a family of three children. His love for design started as a child. The filtering between the slightest geometric shapes and the colors combination intrigued him. He could perceive their organization in his mind as a musician hears a symphony. He heard shapes, colors and spaces. He is currently living in New York City while the symphony still plays in his head, louder than ever.

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